Marc Levasseur, Artist

Marc is one of many artists who have decided to call St Petersburg home because of the wealth of art venues, and the opportunity to work with other artists. Originally from Charleston, SC, he lived in Atlanta for 20 years before his wife, on a whim, bought him art lessons.

Just as a morning might start with the call of a rooster, Marc's career started with….roosters. "Yes, I'm known as the guy who paints roosters," Marc says with a laugh. "When I was first accepted at a gallery in Atlanta the paintings of roosters started selling like crazy." He now paints a variety of scenes in a recognizable, bright, colorful abstract style.

He arrived in St Pete in 2004 and continued painting while working at other jobs as necessary. "The arts in St Petersburg are everywhere, so I was encouraged. A few galleries immediately accepted my work." I miss Atlanta a little, but if it weren't for St Pete, I wouldn't have had the chance to grow and keep creating."

He credits many others for influence and assistance. He has emulated the colors of Peter Max, and been influenced by local artists such as Bill Correira of Gallery Woo. He recently met and has just opened Gallery 670 with environmental artist Kevin Brant in the new Central Arts District. He also uses the gallery space to teach painting to children in the afternoon.

Marc's work can be seen at Gallery 670 on Central Avenue and at