The Dalí Museum  Created from a Dream

The Dalí is located between Albert Whitted Park and Mahaffey Theatre at One Dalí Blvd, giving the museum a breathtaking view of the Bay. Known as “The Glass Enigma,” this magnificent architectural structure was built primarily to better protect the collection from possible storm damage but, is also a work of art itself, combining classical functionalism with surreal whimsy, very much in the spirit of the prolific artist whose works are housed within.

Not only is the museum an homage to Dalí, it is home to the largest assemblage of his work outside of Spain. The collection’s 96 oil paintings make up the greatest representation of the different stages in Dalí’s extensive career. It includes famous works such as the “Hallucinogenic Toreador” and “Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea which at Twenty Meters Becomes the Portrait of Abraham Lincoln - Homage to Rothko” as well as over 2,000 other paintings, drawings, sculptures and films. The museum is truly a tribute to Dalí: the father of surrealism and one of the most celebrated artists of all time.

The Dalí’s restaurant, Café Gala, is named in honor of Salvador Dalí’s wife and embraces the artist’s heritage by offering a menu of light fare with Spanish influence. Visit the café to enjoy a light breakfast, lunch or mid-afternoon break for coffee followed by a stroll through the museum’s gardens.

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